We’re all going on a summer holiday

We had a fantastic time yesterday! We arrived at school with out luggage and made passports for our trip to Brazil. We then role played checking in, going on the flight and landing at our destination.P1050534P1050535P1050536P1050537P1050538

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Space week

What a fantastic week we have had this week learning about Space! The week begun with the space dome in the hall where we got to go inside and see the moon and stars and find out about the Apollo missions. We have moved on to think about air resistance and gravity in our parachute experiments later this week. The children have also been learning to form research questions, write predictions, test and write conclusions.P1050509P1050522P1050526P1050527

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Let’s Grow!

We have been very busy this week in Class 4 with our science work. We have planted runner beans in clear cups and are waiting for them to grow so we can see the roots and start measuring the stems. We have also set up an experiment using dwarf sunflower seeds and spinach seeds to investigate what happens to plants when they don’t have sunlight, don’t have water or don’t have sunlight and water.

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Happy Birthday Queen Elizabeth!

We have been busy in school this week preparing for our party for Queen Elizabeth’s 90th birthday. A bit like us, her birthday party isn’t actually on her birthday because she is busy doing things with her family on that day. We have been making bunting and hats and have learnt some country dancing. We are looking forward to the party tomorrow and wearing red, white and blue.

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Paddington in London

This week we have been using a film clip of Paddington at the Waxworks to inspire our writing. We have been focussing on using conjunctions in our sentences to join two clauses together. Miss Miles took Paddington to London last weekend to help plan our trip in a few weeks time. We used the photographs to practice writing sentences using conjunctions. Look at some of our ideas:
Paddington looked at the map so he could find out which train to get.

Paddington could see the London Eye when he was on the boat.

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