Paddington arrives!

When we got back to school on Monday, we had a visitor, accompanied by a letter. The letter was from Aunt Lucy in Peru, asking us to look after Paddington Bear for her. Paddington has been very well behaved this week and some of the children have written back to Aunt Lucy to let her know.

We are very excited to be learning about London. We have learnt about and acted out the Great Fire of London and have enjoyed exploring our new role play area of a London Gift Shop. We are getting very excited about going on our trip to London in a few weeks time!

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Little pig, little pig, let me in!

You’ve guessed it… we have been learning the story of the three little pigs this week. We talked about traditional tales and how they are passed down over time. We also made wanted posters where we had to use our noun phrases to describe the wolf (e.g. He has a grey, pointy tail. He has sharp, shiny teeth) and wrote a retell of the story.

In maths we have been continuing to work with money. Year 1 have been adding the cost of 2 items together using number lines. Some of the year 1s have begun to create their own empty number lines to help with calculating. Year 2 have been working on finding the difference strategies for calculating the amount of change they would get. They have worked very hard on some tricky maths but showed great resilience!

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Singathon and money fortnight

Year 1 from Class 4 went with Class 5 to the CLC for a singathon last Friday. We had a wonderful time playing instruments, learning a song linked to Handa’s Surprise and a song linked to Owl Babies and performing our own pre-learnt song to other schools. It is always great meeting new children when we go to the CLC.

This week we have been busy selling at playtimes to make our £5 grow. We counted up today and had over £20 already! The children are also learning lots about coin recognition and making totals from coins in our maths lessons to support this.


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Happy New Year!

Welcome back! It was lovely to see all of the Class 4 children and their families back at school on Monday.

This week we have been learning about fractions in maths. All of the children have learnt to halve shapes and have been learning the mathematical symbol for half. Lots of us also learnt about 1/4. The Year 2s have also been learning about 3/4. We learnt that when working with fractions, each section or group must be equal.

In English we learnt the poem ‘Let me do it’,’ by Michael Rosen. It starts as quite a sensible poem but later on he changes some of the verbs around so instead of saying let me lick the jar, he writes let me lick the car. We all enjoyed this poem and found it quite funny. We then had a lot of fun writing our own versions of the poem with some silly sentences in. E.g.

Let me cook the cat

Let me bite the frog

Let me stroke the pizza

Let me catch the log.

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Christmas Play

We’ve been having a wonderful time performing our Christmas play for you all this week. If you haven’t seen it yet, we look forward to seeing you today or Friday. We are really proud of Class 4’s performing this week.

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